How To Sell Your House With Tenants in San Antonio

How To Sell Your House With Tenants in San Antonio

Are you looking to sell your house with tenants in San Antonio and surrounding areas? This process may prove more challenging than an ordinary sale. If that’s the case, our latest post is just what you need to know more about what to expect! 

You might own a real estate investment in San Antonio that isn’t making money, be worn out with incessant tenant transitions, or have to manage troublesome and disrespectful tenants without going through the hassle of an eviction process. These are just a few of the many reasons why a homeowner may wish to sell a house with tenants in San Antonio. Understanding the potential reluctance of tenants to have their homes sold, you’ll need to demonstrate to them why it’s the right decision, what their benefits will be, and keep them in the loop as much as possible.

Offer An Incentive

When opting to list the house with a San Antonio real estate agent, tenant cooperation is necessary for a successful sale. You can help ensure their support by offering them an incentive. It’s important to remember that while you own the property, this is still the place they call home. Consider offering them assistance with moving costs, the first month’s rent in their new place, or a discount on the current rent amount. Additionally, provide them with a reference for finding a new rental or consider paying for a professional cleaning service before showings. And you could even give them movie tickets or a gift certificate to a restaurant to help pass the time while the house is being shown.

Wait Until The Lease Is Up

As a landlord looking to sell your house with a San Antonio real estate agent, it may be in your best interest to wait until the lease is up before selling. Trying to coordinate repairs, showings, and keep the house in showing-ready condition can be a lot to ask of your tenant. It can help if you offer a sufficient compensation to cover their efforts, as it can prevent resentment and hinder a potential sale.

Terminate The Lease

If the tenant has violated the lease in any way, an early termination clause in the agreement can be invoked. But remember, you’re not wanting them to mess up – if there has been consistent late payments, documented disturbances, or other such problems, ending the lease sooner may be necessary. When making a rental agreement, ensure that the details of what merits an early termination are included.

Sell Your House Directly

Another option to sell your house with tenants in San Antonio is to select a direct sale to Lone Star Real Estate Solutions LLC. We’ll buy your house directly, with or without tenants, and provide you with a great price. In most cases, the lease remains intact, and the only change your tenant will have is who they will be sending their rent checks to each month.

Find Out If Your Tenant Wants To Buy

When trying to sell your house with tenants in San Antonio, consider giving them the opportunity to buy it. Since they’re already living there, no moving would be involved, and they are familiar with the neighborhood. If your tenants are happy with their home, they may be interested in purchasing the property themselves. In such a situation, owner financing may be an option until they can secure the necessary credit or cash for a traditional loan.

Understand The Tenants Rights

In order to successfully sell your house with tenants in San Antonio, you must be aware of the tenant’s rights. Generally, as long as no violations have occurred, the tenant is allowed to stay until the lease is up, regardless of a potential sale.

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