5 Tips for Selling Your Multi-Family Property in San Antonio

Unlike a private home, selling your multi-family property involves several people, depending on the number of units. Sellers must put a great deal of consideration into the transaction to ensure they aren’t crossing any legal lines regarding the laws, rules, and regulations of San Antonio by which multi-family property owners must abide. Failure to do … Continued

5 Benefits of Selling Your House for Cash in San Antonio

Are you selling a house in San Antonio? You do not want to pay a commission, but are not interested in listing? Why not learn the direct selling method? There are a significant number of professionals to consider. If you’ve never really tried working with a professional buyer, you might be surprised to know why … Continued

What You Need to Know About Inheriting Real Estate in San Antonio

Inheriting real estate is rarely as wonderful as it may appear in movies. The responsibilities that come along with this gift can be extremely overwhelming, especially if it is an older property in a state of disrepair. While your loved one or close friend may have had the best of intentions, often the property is … Continued

What Home Sellers Need to Know About Inspections and Appraisals in San Antonio

When you’re selling your house, there are some important things you need to understand about inspections and appraisals in San Antonio. Real estate transactions can be tricky, so it’s essential to grasp the process to make smart financial decisions. Let’s dive into what home sellers should know about inspections and appraisals in San Antonio. Contingencies: … Continued

How to Determine Home Values in San Antonio

Ready to sell? Now the tough part, understanding how to determine home values in San Antonio.  Sellers often get caught up in memories that were created and attach an emotional value to the home. It can make the determination of the value an extremely difficult process and also result in the home being priced far … Continued