How To Know If You Should Work With An Investor or Real Estate Agent To Sell Your House in San Antonio

How To Know If You Should Work With An Investor or Real Estate Agent To Sell Your House in San Antonio

If you’re contemplating selling your house in San Antonio, you now have a choice: enlist a real estate agent to sell your house or work with an investor. Both paths offer their own advantages and drawbacks. Thanks to the recent shifts in the real estate landscape, the team at Lone Star Real Estate Solutions LLC is dedicated to assisting homeowners in San Antonio who wish to quickly and efficiently sell their house, regardless of its state, whereabouts, or circumstances.

Why Work With A San Antonio Real Estate Agent

Using a real estate agent to sell your house in San Antonio can be instrumental in ensuring that sellers receive the highest possible sale price for their house. While this is typically a lengthy process, and the seller may need to bear the burden of certain expenses while their property is up for sale, this may ultimately prove to be a great choice if they can afford it!

Individuals seeking the best possible sale price should be prepared to make necessary repairs to their home, display it to the public, and possibly wait for an indefinite period. In return for the increased sale value, a 6% commission rate plus 2% in closing costs will be charged by the San Antonio real estate agent.

Why Work With A Local Property Buyer?

Selling your house directly to Lone Star Real Estate Solutions LLC is an ideal solution for those who need to liquidate quickly or meet a particular deadline. Listing in San Antonio does not provide a guarantee, whereas when you work with Lone Star Real Estate Solutions LLC, there are no associated costs, such as commissions, holding fees, or closing fees. You should keep in mind that this approach won’t net you the same full retail price, but all the time, money, and stress you’re saving can make up for the difference.

Our services can be a godsend to those encountering any kind of issues concerning probate, taxes, liens, code infractions, foreclosure, and disruptive tenants. By choosing our free, fast sale option, these individuals can find the perfect answer to their situation.

What The Numbers Say

When making the decision, listing your property typically brings in more income. That being said, home sellers should be aware of the expenses that accompany it. Commonly, when enlisting the help of a real estate agent in San Antonio, owners will be required to make the necessary repairs to prepare for MLS, upgrade their home to make it market competitive, and remain responsible for the continuous holding costs of taxes, HOA fees, homeowners insurance, utility bills, and other routine maintenance. When the sale is complete, the home seller is usually responsible for a 6% commission. However, selling your house directly in San Antonio is free of cost, meaning you won’t have to part with thousands of dollars that can stay in your pocket.

Your Time Commitment

Along with an initial payment, you will also invest a lot of your time if you list with a San Antonio real estate agent. You must be prepared to keep the house in a show-ready condition, in case of surprise viewings. With a FSBO listing, you’ll have to do the extra legwork of vetting calls, answering questions, and scheduling showings. Additionally, you’ll be devoting a good amount of effort to the marketing of the property to attract the right buyers.

No need to spend time trying to sell your home – Lone Star Real Estate Solutions LLC will make an offer and leave the rest to you. With a few short days to close the sale, simply take what you wish and leave the rest. We will also take care of paperwork, remove any unwanted items, and take on any necessary repairs.

Final Thoughts… 

Ultimately, both methods of selling come with advantages and drawbacks. Therefore, before making a final decision about selling your home in San Antonio, it’s essential that you calculate the specifics related to your particular property. Should you have any inquiries about how to put your house up for sale in San Antonio, our team is ready to assist – please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Are you uncertain if you should work with an investor or hire a real estate agent to sell your house in San Antonio? Reach out to us today to get all of the answers you need!

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