A List of The Paperwork You’ll Need To Sell Your House In San Antonio

A List of The Paperwork You'll Need To Sell Your House In San Antonio

When selling a house in San Antonio, you will come across a substantial amount of paperwork. This includes paperwork that is required before listing the house, documents needed for the actual listing, paperwork involved in the event of an offer being made, and documents necessary for the closing process. Although this may appear daunting, there’s no need to worry. By dealing with each piece of paperwork one at a time, the process can become much simpler. Ensure that everything is organized to sell your house in San Antonio without any issues.

Selling a house in San Antonio involves a significant amount of paperwork, but there’s no need to feel daunted. In this article, we’ll go over some of the necessary paperwork required to sell your house in San Antonio. Remember that requirements can vary depending on the location of the property, so it’s advisable to verify all the details with an agent or lawyer before embarking on the selling process.

Documents For Listing

CMA Report

Prior to listing your house, it’s important to obtain a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) for your property. The CMA will provide you with relevant information about recent sales in the area, helping you to establish a suitable asking price for your house.

Listing Contract

By signing a listing contract, you grant your agent exclusive rights to sell your house in San Antonio. Before entering into this agreement, it’s important to comprehend the terms and conditions included.

Additionally, certain states have specific requirements that must be fulfilled during the listing period. Ensure that you have obtained all necessary documents to avoid any additional costs or fees.


It’s a legal requirement to disclose any defects or issues with your house to prospective buyers. You must provide this information in a disclosure statement. Failure to disclose known problems can be viewed as fraudulent behavior and may lead to legal repercussions.

Receipts and Repair History

It’s important to keep in mind that your buyers will have knowledge of what was done and when. They’ll be interested in knowing about the service providers, the work that was done, and any guarantees offered. To ensure that all this information is readily available and easily accessible, it’s recommended to keep a folder containing all home repair documentation in one place.

Preliminary Title Report

A preliminary title report will confirm to your potential buyers that you are the rightful owner of the house, that your tax payments are current, and that there are no liens or claims against the property that could hinder the sale process.

Warranty Information

Your buyers will likely seek information about the home warranty, as well as the warranty for any appliances that are included in the home sale.

Paperwork After An Offer

Purchase Offer

A purchase offer outlines the initial terms and framework of the deal and signifies your buyer’s intention to buy the property. It’s important to note that the purchase offer is not the final contract, and the terms of the purchase agreement may be subject to change as more information is uncovered about the property.


In the event that your buyer is securing a loan to purchase your home, an appraisal will be necessary. If the appraisal value of the house is lower than the offered amount, it could result in negotiations between you, the buyer, and their bank, or the sale may fall through altogether. (However, with a direct sale to Lone Star Real Estate Solutions LLC, you can avoid such concerns about appraisal or potential deal breakers.)

Inspection Report

The inspection report will reveal any structural issues, infestations, or other property-related concerns that require attention. If any problems with the house that were not disclosed are identified, the buyer may negotiate the price or request repairs to be completed before finalizing the sale.

Purchase Agreement

The purchase agreement is a binding contract that finalizes the home sale transaction and provides legal protection to all parties involved. It comprehensively outlines the terms of the deal, including the payment amount, outstanding balances, and the timeline for the sale.


The deed is the last document in the home selling process as it legally transfers ownership from the seller to the buyer. It is important to file and record the deed as soon as possible.

Leave The Paperwork To Us Instead!

The paperwork outlined earlier is only a portion of what’s required to sell your house in San Antonio through traditional means. However, when selling your house to Lone Star Real Estate Solutions LLC, all the necessary paperwork will be taken care of on your behalf! You won’t have to worry about whether you have the right documents, filled them out correctly, or submitted them to the appropriate person. As experienced buyers, we can assist you throughout the entire process, ensuring that everything is handled in a legal and timely manner. If you’re ready to sell your house in San Antonio, let us present you with a fantastic offer! We’ll handle all the details to make the sale a smooth and successful one!

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